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My name is Kossi Afedo and I was diagnosed with cancer in 2013.
It was a hard time for me and it didn’t help that I was bombarded with terminology and medical terms I am not aware of.

Believing myths about cancer can be very dangerous. It is hard to tell apart fact from fiction, seeing as some illnesses cause as much fear or have as many false impressions that say no to die. However, the leading oncologists busted old myths and expressed new optimism.

For a time, I was lost and desperate…

But then I met Dr. Med. Thomas A. Walter. He helped me get back on track by providing genuine information that helped me overcome my fears about cancer.

Since then, my life has changed completely…

As a cancer survivor, first of all, we wrote together a book, an interview titled “Converting Your Fears Into Confidence“, selling on Amazon. And secondly, I decided to help individuals or patients with one and the same problems.

So I joined some groups of individuals with the same illness to find the best physicians and specialists. We contacted several of them and selected the best oncologists and physicians who can help.

I want to join you with one (or more) of the top experts and specialists who have enlightened me, my family, my friends, and many individuals to get success on this ailment.

So this blog will help you to find the first-hand information about any type  of illness you have.

This is our mission.

If you don’t find here what you are looking for here, simply  contact us and we provide you with the best information you desire.

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